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Green Smoothie Recipe

Dr. Mike's Green Smoothie Recipe

My family and I enjoy one of these everyday!


Strawberries - frozen (organic)
Blueberries - frozen (organic)
Peaches - frozen pre-sliced (organic) - when in season.
Apple - (organic)
Banana (organic)

Baby Carrots - (organic)
Cherry or Roma Tomatoes - (organic)
Baby Spinach - 1 handful (organic)
Kale - 2 or 3 leaves (organic)
Swiss Chard - a few pieces (organic)

1 cup of coconut milk - (organic) unsweetened
1 scoop of the "Greens First Veggies" powder - (organic)
1 scoop of the "Greens First Berries" powder - (organic)
1 scoop of "Vanilla Dream Protein (whey)" powder - no hormones or antibiotics, stevia sweetened.
1 TBSP ground flax seed (organic) Add some water and/or ice for consistency.

Blend. (We use a Vitamix blender, but any high speed, high quality blender will work.) You may have to experiment with the above ingredients for individual taste and volume.

We recommend organic when possible or locally grown fruits and vegetables.
Any combination of fruits and vegetables will work.


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