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Spinal Adjustment after a Car Accident

Dr. Lichfield: Car Accident Injuries

According to Dr. Lichfield and other medical professionals, the most common car accident injuries include whiplash, lower back strain, neck strain and shoulder sprain.  Even low-impact fender benders can cause hidden injuries. The most frequent cause of whiplash is an auto accident. Speeds at low as 15 miles per hour can produce enough energy to cause injury to the muscular and ligamentous structures of the neck, shoulder and back. The force of a car collision is enough to tear soft tissues. The impact of a collision can also cause the spinal discs to bulge, tear or rupture. When the vertebrae are forced out of their proper position, there can be pain, numbness and a loss of motion range.

woman after car accident in Everett, WAA car accident chiropractor implements different chiropractic treatments for whiplash, including spinal manipulation, muscle relaxation and various exercises. Cervical spinal manipulation is often used for whiplash in the neck area. This technique involves a chiropractor manually and gently moving the joint into the direction in which it’s restricted. For muscle dysfunction associated with whiplash, a chiropractor stimulates the muscles with gentle stretches to relax the muscles that are inhibited.  Stabilization and sensorimotor exercise like the McKenzie exercises are also implemented to correct faulty movement patterns associated with whiplash. These exercises train the nervous system to better control movement patterns while strengthening the neck muscles.

High-velocity low-amplitude thrust or low-force spinal mobilization is often used for lumbar discs that have torn or bulged due to a car accident. The goal is to properly realign the lumbar discs. In addition to spinal adjustments, adjunctive therapy, such as physical therapy, massage therapy and ice or heat therapy is often a part of the overall chiropractic treatment plan.

Conventional medical care after a car accident often relies on prescription painkillers. This approach covers up the symptoms and is not a wise pain management solution. Plus, medications do not help patients regain mobility. Chiropractic treatment plans treat the underlying whiplash or spinal injury. With chiropractic adjustments, there is relief from pressure on muscles and nerves. Adjunct therapies help enhance range of motion.

Your Car Accident Chiropractor: Cornerstone Chiropractic

Cornerstone Chiropractic is your car accident chiropractor with years of experience helping patients recover from auto accident injuries. Our treatment plans for whiplash include spinal adjustments and massage therapy. Massage therapy is implemented before a spinal adjustment in order to help relax the muscles to prepare the body for a spinal adjustment. Other benefits of massage therapy include the increase of blood flow and oxygen to accelerate the healing process.

Depending on a back injury due to a car accident, treatment may include drop table techniques, traction, activator method, Gonstead method or Diversified techniques. We take a holistic approach to chiropractic care and offer nutritional counseling along with spinal adjustments.

If you’ve incurred an injury due to a car accident, call us for effective treatment and schedule an appointment.


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