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Car Accident Injury FAQs

Many of our patients have just experienced an auto accident and need help with pain relief.

Auto Accident Injury FAQs

After an auto accident injury, you are often going to be frightened and stressed. This is completely normal, but it is important to know that this is the time when you need to keep your wits about you more than ever. These frequently asked questions may help you to do that by answering the questions that may worry you most.

When do I report the accident? 

Immediately. As soon as you are able to make a 911 call, report the accident. If you are too injured to make the call, have someone else do so for you.

When should I seek medical help? 

Again, immediately is the answer. An injury could worsen and become much more difficult to treat effectively if you delay getting help.

What if I don't feel as if I'm injured or if I'm not sure I am injured? 

Some auto accident injuries are more apparent than others, but even if you don't think you are hurt after an accident you should always get checked out. Some injuries may not be apparent until a day or two after the accident, for example whiplash might not be apparent until you wake up the day after the accident.

What if I can't afford medical care? 

This is a common problem for people injured in a car accident, and many medical care providers like chiropractors can work with you to help you get the care you need. If someone else was responsible for the accident and you are working with an attorney to recover damages, your medical caregiver may be able to work directly with your attorney, arranging to get payment once your settlement is awarded.

Cornerstone Chiropractic Can Help

A chiropractor is often recommended as the solution for car accident injury pain relief. As your chiropractic care provider in Everett, we can help with auto accident injury pain in several ways. We believe in non invasive all natural treatments that will give you a long term solution for the pain you are experiencing.

The first thing that we will do is to conduct an exam to determine exactly what type of injury you have suffered. Our chiropractic care providers are fully committed to the chiropractic philosophy of seeking out the reason for the injury so that it can be treated right at the source of the pain.

A gentle spinal manipulation to properly align the spinal column is generally the first type of chiropractic care most patients will receive. We also offer a number of other solutions for auto accident pain, such as physiotherapy techniques. Heat therapy and cold therapy can also help you to get the pain relief you need as soon as possible.

Our chiropractor may also give you prescribed exercises to help build strength in the area where you were injured. This will help to prevent re-injury after an accident.


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